Put your skills to work and make money.

Earn up to 700 euros a week! Handies brings customers to you, does your sales work and makes sure everything is correct.

Flexible working hours, you yourself
can choose when you want to work.

As a Tasker, you choose when and how much you work, whether after your main job in the evenings, on weekends or as full time every day.

A certain area, the rates themselves
where you want to work.

You can specify in which area you work, you can also specify several areas if necessary.

You are always your own boss,
doing what you like.

As a Tasker, you always choose what work you do, you are always the master of your own time and can focus on what is important to you.

You can successfully grow
your business.

As a Tasker, you can start a business without much effort, with the LHV Entrepreneur account it is extremely convenient and worry-free, because everything is legal and taxes have been paid.

Three simple steps,
how Handies Tasker works?

Do what you like, when you like, where you like.


Choose the job that suits you

Set the field of work you want to do, the hourly rate and the area.
This is how customers see you in the customer app.


Be available to the customer

Stay in “available” mode and accept work if possible. The application takes care of everything else: sends reminders to the customer and handles the timekeeping.


Take the job and do it

At the end of the work, Handies calculates the exact cost, settles itself and the payment is guaranteed for you! You are ready to take on new challenges.

Become a Handies Tasker and earn up to 700 euros a week!
How to get started and
what is important!
Important steps to do to be a Handies Tasker.
Why we like to be
Handies Taskers!
Become a Handies Tasker and put your skills to make money!