How to get more orders?

Follow these tips to get more orders:

  • Add a full name so the customer knows who they are.
  • Add a profile picture – make sure your profile picture is polite and exemplary. Statistics show that Makers with a poorer profile picture receive fewer orders.
  • Complete your profile with a short self-description so that the client can distinguish you from other Makers. Be sure to answer the questions, what kind of service do you offer? What are your skills and qualifications? What work have you done before? Why should a customer order you?
    Example: “An electrician with a valid professional certificate (professional certificate no.) Who has many years of experience and whose main task is to bring high-quality and pleasant service to the customer.
  • We perform both smaller and larger electrical work ”.
  • Add a bank account number where we can transfer money to you for the work done
  • Stay in “open orders” mode,
  • You have 12 hours to accept the job invitation,
  • If the offered times do not suit, offer a suitable time or explore new possibilities from the client,
  • Share your activity on social media with friends and acquaintances. This way, they and their acquaintances can order you through the Handies platform. More orders means more income!
  • Join our Facebook community and ask other Makers for tips and suggestions for increasing the number of your services.