Like always
it all started
from problem.

Handies is a platform created by enterprising Estonians, whose idea started in 2016 and is based entirely on Estonian capital. The reason for the ambitious idea was the problem that in the case of different jobs, it was never easy to find a specialist in their field who would come and help, it always took too much time.

As a result, we have created an innovative and innovative application that quickly, conveniently and safely brings together small workers and end users who need the help of a builder, cleaner, electrician, painter, seamstress or other Tasker in their daily activities.

Aare Sule, Kaspar Triebstok
Handies founders Aare Sule and Kaspar Triebstok
Our mission is to influence the business landscape towards a more flexible and caring management and work culture, creating a convenient and secure service platform for everyday use, valuing the skills of the Taskers.

Handies team.

Tavi Maastik


Aare Sule

COO, Co-Founder

Kaspar Triebstok

CTO, Co-Founder

Kerli Tootsmann

Tech Lead

Piret Heinmets

Community Manager

Martin Paalits

Sales Manager

Märt Mõistus


Taavi Välling

Project Manager

Ainar Apse

Project Manager

Christian Aruste

Project Manager