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All payments are made through the Handies application and all necessary taxes are paid for each job.

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Automated contracts, payments and invoices. Convenient and safe to order!


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Choose a Qualified Tasker based on cost and feedback. We measure the hourly fee in real time. 


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Describe as precisely as possible the purpose of the work, the volume and the availability of tools and materials. Also add pictures and choose the times that suit you. The Tasker sees it in he’s/her application


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The work can be tracked from start to finish through the application. When the work is completed, the invoice and payment will be made automatically in the background. Everything is also sent by e-mail.

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Quick but important questions and answers!

A variety of household services, gardening such as mowing and trimming, home appliance repair, as well as other small jobs are available in the app. From electrical and plumbing work to cleaning and chimney sweeping.

After specifying the work, all suitable Taskers are displayed to the Client. The Tasker is suitable if he offers a service desired by the Client and is located in the same area. The area can be a district, city or a rural municipality, it is determined by the Tasker in the settings.

The Client submits a job invitation to a certain Tasker, of which the app informs him. After the job invitation, the Tasker has 4 hours to accept the job. The Tasker will be immediately notified of the work directly in the Tasker’s app.

Before ordering the work, the Client adds a working bank card. 48 hours before the start of work, one hour’s fee is booked on the card. the remaining amount will be charged at the end of the work. Should the work be canceled by the Tasker the booked hourly rate will be refunded.

In case of complaints, the Client can first contact the Tasker. If a suitable solution is not reached with the Tasker, the Client can contact Handies directly via e-mail or the app help function.

The hourly rate includes everything that the Tasker has considered to be the cost of performing the work, except for the cost of materials. Material consumption can be added during the work or before the end of the work in the “material consumption” box.

The timer starts the Tasker (from the “start work” button) when he has actually started the work and the Client is aware of it. The timer is closed when the actual job is finished (with the “stop job” button). In both cases, the app notifies both the Client and the Tasker.